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About Knowsley

Knowsley is home to 5 XXL Manroland colorman coldset presses. With the capacity to produce 430,000 full colour copies every hour, Knowsley is proud to be the printer to many of the UK’s best known Newspapers.

Our approach to continually reviewing and improving our operation is reflected in our joint accreditations of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.

Newsprinters Knowsley Plant (Aerial)

Site Specifications

Newsprinters Knowsley Plant (Aerial)
  • Covering 31 acres and an extension to the existing buildings
  • 5 triple-width Manroland Colorman XXL press lines
  • 5 Agfa low chemistry computer to plate lines
  • Print capacity: 430,000 of a 120-page tabloid newspaper every hour

Press Specifications

Printing Press

  • 5 Manroland Colorman XXL 6-86 triple width presses
  • Max pagination 120 pages broadsheet, 240 pages tabloid (double press)
  • Max press speed 86,000 cph
  • Cut off: 578mm, web width 2211mm
  • Paper weights: range and colours available
  • Closed loop automatic density control
  • Press Stitching
  • Valco Melton inline gluing
  • Ink options available ie scented / florescent


  • 5 x High speed Agfa Advanatage N-TR-HS plate setters
  • Attrio plate processors
  • Nela punch benders
  • Nela automatic plate sortation
  • Max imaging capacity with up to 1460 plates per hour
  • Full failover providing redundancy across lines


  • Mailroom – 5 Ferag lines each comprising:
  • 3 MTS Multi Stackers
  • 30 bundles a minute
  • Mosca in-line strappers
  • Apollo spiral conveyors
  • 5 x High speed DAN Palletisers
  • Octopus Pallet Wrappers
  • Easy access to the M6


  • 2 Ferag finishing & polywrapping lines
  • Net speed of 20,00cph per line
  • 9 leaflets per line
  • Line 1 Inserting/stitching/trimming/onserting/ polywrapping/stacking
  • Line 2 trimming/onserting/polywrapping/stacking

How To Find Us

Newsprinters (Knowsley) Ltd

Kitling Road
Knowsley Business Park
L34 9HN

T: 0151 546 2000

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Registered Number 5891611 England & Wales
VAT Registration 243805469
Registered office 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF

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Office: 01992 221 000