Since February 2007, News International has used green tariff electricity supplied from low carbon and renewable sources such as hydroelectric dams. This relies on the power of flowing water, burning no fossil fuels and releasing no carbon to the atmosphere.


Paper usage


We are the largest newspaper manufacturer in the UK and so we have the largest supply of paper (newsprint). Our Newsprint always exceeds government targets for recycled content, which has contributed to the UK newspaper industry's impressive average of 87% recycled source fibre content in 2008. 


We work with the paper mills, looking closely at their sustainable practices. The recycling process gradually erodes and damages paper fibres over time so a percentage of new wood fibre must be added. The waste can then be used at the mills to power efficient biomass boilers. New fibre is sourced from wood waste, such as sawdust from the furniture industry.


Business travel


State-of-the-art video conferencing facilities have been installed in all three sites to cut the number of business miles travelled. One video conference can remove the need for up to 20 people to travel by air or road to another manufacturing site. In some months, the use of video conferencing removes the need for 45,000 miles of travel.


Energy used by Newsprinters in one year

90 million kWh

UK average recycled content of newsprint


Green tariff energy used by Newsprinters


Production waste paper recycled


Aluminium printing plates recycled


Efficiency improvement of modern equipment


Percentage of unsold newspapers recycled


Video conferences per month


Business miles avoided per month using Video conference

up to 45,000



Carbon Neutral