"At Newsprinters, a commitment to minimising the company’s effect on climate change is a vital part of its aim to become the best newspaper manufacturer in the world across all disciplines."





Carbon neutral. That was our aim. And that is our achievement. It has been a major challenge, and we set an ambitious deadline. But we were and remain committed. Seriously committed. For in January 2008 News International announced that it was the first major newspaper company in the UK to become carbon neutral. This means we have net zero carbon emissions in our operations, and this commitment to strengthen our energy reduction programme remains a top priority at every level within our company.  


Carbon Neutral - evaluate and measure


Carbon neutral status is attained in three stages. The first of these is to evaluate and measure News International’s and Newsprinters’ carbon footprint – the amount of carbon released due to the companies’ business activities. This assessment takes into account all fossil fuels used on site, all on site energy consumption and any business miles travelled.

The information is audited and confirmed by an independent third party.


We then set about reducing our emissions. Where possible we improve energy efficiency, upgrade equipment and engage our teams to make significant impacts on our footprint.

The remaining emissions are then offset by investment in projects that prevent an equivalent amount of carbon being released to atmosphere.


News International also developed a system for measuring the whole-life carbon emission of a newspaper from tree to disposal in conjunction with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon management.


We are committed to further reductions of our carbon footprint. Dedicated Energy Teams at each site take responsibility for devising and implementing green initiatives.